The Oklahoma Digital Learning Alliance

Since 1994 the Oklahoma Digital Learning Alliance (then the Oklahoma Distance Learning Association) has been dedicated to promoting the development and application of techniques and technologies that eliminate the barrier of time and place in delivering quality education and training.

Among our members are K-12 educators, higher education institutions, vocational and technical educators, area education agencies, state and federal training groups, military, and continuing medical and corporate training professionals.

Through technology conferences, meetings, sponsorship of seminars, and our listserv, we seek to gather and cross-pollinate the collective expertise of our members, solutions providers, other instructional technology practitioners, and policy makers in both the academic and training arenas.

Please join us in this effort. Share your organization’s learning news, events, and ideas. At each of our technology conferences, exhibitors have played a critical role by sponsoring events and demonstrating emerging technology. From paying for dinners to implementing an entire working distance learning classroom, our exhibitors have demonstrated time and again that they are truly dedicated to the alternative delivery of education and training.

In 2013 ODLA began a new chapter as a professional subdivision of the Oklahoma Technology Association (OTA). ODLA no longer provides a separate membership dues structure. Simply indicate your interest in being part of ODLA when you join or renew your membership with OTA. For questions please contact ourĀ Director for Membership.