What we do

Our Purpose

ODLA is dedicated to promoting the development and application of techniques & technologies that eliminate the barrier of time and place in delivering quality education and training.


  • Lead – Provide state leadership to the field of distance learning. 
  • Advocate – Advocate and promote the use of distance learning. 
  • Inform – Be the first and best source of information on state-wide distance learning. 
  • Advise – Serve as the representative of distance learning before government policy and regulatory bodies. 
  • Recognize – Provide recognition of the outstanding achievements in state-wide distance learning through an annual awards program. 
  • Publicize – Provide information and case studies of successful distance learning programs and grant information through its official newsletter and other publications. 
  • Partner – Serve as a catalyst for the formation of partnerships between education and business.

Our Work


ODLA offers yearly conferences where we bring in guest speakers and invite our colleagues from around the state to tell us what they’re doing and how. The conferences almost always have exhibits from solution providers showcasing the latest technology in a manner that allows participants to get an appreciation of the look and feel.

Previous Speakers 
Vice President Albert Gore, Jr., Governor Frank Keating, Lieutenant Governor Mary Fallin, Oklahoma State Superintendent Sandy Garrett, Oklahoma State Superintendent Janet Barresi, Chancellor of Higher Education Hans Brisch, and many others.

ODLA endeavors to identify and reward people and programs that are stretching the boundaries and/or making a difference through an annual awards program.